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FHA Appraisals and the HUD 4150.2 Handbook
5-Hour Course 

Instructor:   Michael E. Deweese, Certified Residential Appraiser, Real Estate Broker


Isn’t that what they all say…“Appraise it in accordance with the HUD 4150.2 Handbook.  Whatever it says.  Do it that way.  If something needs to be done so the property will meet the HUD 4150.2 Handbook, make a note of it & make it “subject to” for your re-inspection.”  How many times have we heard that?  Whether it is FHA, VA, USDA, KY Housing, sometimes conventional financing or in-house financing, the loan officer will refer us to the HUD 4150.2 Handbook.  So, just what does the HUD 4150.2 Handbook say?  In this course, we will examine in some detail what the 4150.2 Handbook actually says.  The FHA guidelines are very specific without a lot of leeway, if any.  The 4150.2 Handbook has guidelines for the site inspection, the improvements to the site & the improvements on the site.  We need to know those specific guidelines before we accept the assignment & before we inspect the property.  This course takes us through those specific guidelines so that we can, indeed, perform an FHA appraisal successfully.       

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants should:

  • Identify required pictures and maps

  • Analyze a given site

  • Employ the specific procedures to inspect the physical characteristics of the property

  • Estimate the remaining economic life of the improvements on the site

  • Correctly state any required repairs

  • Recognize FHA's acceptability criteria

  • Positively identify our required statements

Length:  One half-day 3.5-hour continuing education seminar. See calendar, or call, for session times.

Required Materials:  None

Recording:  No audio recording or videotaping permitted.

Course Fee.  $65 if payment received in advance; $90 if payment is received at door.  Seating is usually limited.

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