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Appraising Green
5-Hour Course 

Instructor:   Michael E. Deweese, Certified Residential
Appraiser and Real Estate Broker


Green is a topic that is rapidly gaining national & international attention.  Is this just a trend or is it here to stay?  Do green buildings cost more to build?  Do green buildings have better marketability?  Do green buildings sell for more?  Is “going green” a good investment?  Are builders, remodelers, contractors, subcontractors, banks, mortgage companies, homeowners, commercial & industrial developers, apartment owners & tenants, real estate agents, appraisers, literally everyone on the face of the planet, hearing about, looking into, investigating and concerned about “going green”?  The simple answer is “yes,” and if not now, chances are that they will be, and many will be looking to the Appraiser for the answers to their questions.  APPRAISING GREEN is important and will, apparently, continue to be more & more important with each generation.  This course is dedicated to examining one of the most talked about building topics, especially how to inspect the property, how to properly identify the energy-efficient features and successfully draw our conclusions.

Learning Objectives:

By the conclusion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify what makes a site or building green

  • Identify energy-efficient features

  • List the criteria defining sustainable

  • Develop a better understanding of LEED

  • Explain the use of the EEM loan and its acceptable  forms

  • Explain application to URAR 1004 form

  • Understand application to the Sales Comparison Approach and the Cost Approach

Length:  One half-day 3.5 hour continuing education seminar. Call for information about morning or afternoon sessions.

Required Materials:  Mortgage calculator is required.

Recording:  No audio recording or videotaping permitted.

Course Fee.  $65 if payment received in advance; $90 if payment is received at door.

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