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Ethics and the Appraiser
ANSI #Z765 - Square Footage - Method of Calculating

Instructor:  Dennis L. Badger, AQB Certified USPAP Instructor

7 Hours of Continuing Education for $150 (early registration)


Ethics and the Appraiser
3.5 hours


Because technological and social changes are shaping not only our profession but our core values, we are more likely to encounter complex ethical situations today than ever before.

Appraisers are beginning to examine their actions- not in terms of what is legally correct, but in terms of what is ethically right.

This seminar provides a rationale for studying ethics in the real estate profession and examines both business and psychological models to assist practitioners understand and resolve ethical dilemmas.

ANSI #Z765 - Square Footage Method of Calculating
3.5 hours

Before the adoption of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) #Z765, no nationwide standard existed in the United States for measuring square footage in single-family houses.  

While it is a voluntary standard in most jurisdictions, adhering to a nationally recognized standard increases a practitioner's professionalism while reducing their exposure to disputes.  It may be used in proposed, new, or existing single-family houses of any style or construction but is not applicable to apartment/multifamily buildings.

Order your copy of ANSI Z765 direct from the NAHB Research Center online or by calling 800-638-8556.  


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