Approved for 3.5 Hours of
Continuing Education by:

Kentucky Real Estate 
Appraisers Board

ANSI Z765-2003 - Square Footage
Method of Calculating

3.5-Hour Course 

Instructor:   Dennis L. Badger, AQB Certified USPAP Instructor or
Tom P. Veit, AQB Certified USPAP Instructor

Before the adoption of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) #Z765, no nationwide standard existed in the United States for measuring square footage in single-family houses.  

While it may be a voluntary standard for some professionals, adhering to a nationally recognized standard increases a practitioner's professionalism while reducing their exposure to disputes.  It may be used in proposed, new, or existing single-family houses of any style or construction but is not applicable to apartment/multifamily buildings.

Order your copy of ANSI Z765 direct from the NAHB Research Center online or by calling 800-638-8556. 

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Recording.  No audio recording or videotaping permitted.

Course Fee.  $75 if payment received in advance; $100 if payment is received at door.  Seating is limited.

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