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  • Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 
    Title 16 (Commercial Practices), Chapter 1 (Federal Trade Commission), Part 313 (Privacy of Consumer Financial Information)  

    • Note: 313.3 particularly at the bottom of page 395..."    (ii) A personal property or real estate appraiser is a financial institution because real and personal property appraisal is a financial activity listed in 12 CFR 225.28(b)(2)(i) and referenced in section 4(k)(4)(F) of the Bank Holding Company Act."

  • Senate Banking Committee Conference Report and Full Text (11/1/99)

  • The Federal Reserve Board Speech to American Law Institute and American Bankers Association

  • Bank Administration Institute (BAI) Summary

  • Kentucky Department of Insurance Proposed bill in KY relating to insurance regulators


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