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Restricted Use Appraisal Report

Sample Restricted Use Appraisal Report.

Privacy Guidance

White paper from The Appraisal Foundation released in June 2001 explaining the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (G-L-B) Act.

Age-Life Depreciation Table

Age-Life Excel Spreadsheet 

FNMA Handbook for Appraisers

FNMA's Handbook for Appraisers

2007 FNMA Selling Guide

Excerpt from FNMA's Selling Guide for Appraisers

FHA Single Family 4150.2

Starting point for FHA
FreddieMac Appraisal Requirements Starting point for FHLMC
VA Appraisal Requirements Starting point for VA
Interagency And Appraisal Evaluation Guidelines Interagency and Appraisal Evaluation Guidelines

2014-2015 Summary of Actions

Modifications to USPAP, adopted by the Appraisal Foundation for the 2014-15 edition

2014-2015 USPAP Q&A

Addresses some questions associated with the 2014-15 edition of USPAP

Engagement Agreement

Sample Engagement Agreement to be customized to fit your situation

Appraisal Fee Receipt

Appraisal Fee Receipt
PDF Security (Acrobat 6.x) Instructions to secure an Adobe PDF file by saving it in Adobe Acrobat (6.x) with password security.